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A one-day symposium at Senate House Library
Marginal Presences: unorthodox belief and practice 1837-2014 | 23 April 2015

Marginal Presences. 23 April 2015

A one-day symposium on the life, work and impact of the marginal minority with their restless doubts, controversial lifestyles and utopian dreams, from a Theosophical Messiah to the zombie researches of William Seabrook. Find out more, or book a ticket.
Duty and Dissent | 12 Jan – 5 Jun 2015

Duty and Dissent: the Great War and British voices of resistance

Duty and Dissent: the Great War and British voices of resistance. Recruiting posters, and other powerful printed material from the Great War is set in stark contrast against pacifist beliefs and individual experiences. Find out more…