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Emile Cammaerts: Belgian Patriot in Britain during WW1 | 19 March, 6pm

Virtual tour of Senate House Library

Professor Ulrich Tiedau (UCL) discusses Belgian author Émile Cammaert and his role in raising awareness and support for his country in Great Britain during the First World War. Register for this free event…
War resisters in Britain during WW1 – a re-appraisal | 9 April, 6pm

Virtual tour of Senate House Library

Cyril Pearce (University of Leeds) has examined anti-war resisters in Huddersfield and gone on to create a nationwide database of WW1 conscientious objectors, to be incorporated into the Imperial War Museum’s ‘Lives of the First World War’ digital platform. Register for this free event…
Duty and Dissent | 12 Jan – 5 Jun 2015

Duty and Dissent: the Great War and British voices of resistance

Duty and Dissent: the Great War and British voices of resistance. Recruiting posters, and other powerful printed material from the Great War is set in stark contrast against pacifist beliefs and individual experiences. Find out more…
SAS launches PORT


PORT is the Postgraduate Online Research Training platform from the School of Advanced Study. The website provides online research skills training for postgraduate researchers in the humanities as part of the School’s national remit to facilitate and promote research. Visit PORT website.
LIBER 2015 Conference


The 44th LIBER Annual Conference (24/06/15 to 26/06/15) – LIBER 2015 will be co-hosted by Senate House Library, Imperial College Library, LSE Library and UCL Library Services. Find out more…