The Norman Conquest of Britain (6AAH3003/4)


bayeux-tapestrySenate House Library has a combination of print and electronic resources that will be useful for your dissertation. The information below is simply to get you started…

Printed materials

Your research will take you over a wide area of the history collection. You will find histories of the conquest and the Norman period in general, including biographies of William the Conqueror and the series Anglo-Norman Studies within the classmark range MVE-MVFS.  Other aspects of the Conquest and its impact can be found in the classmark section beginning MU. Of particular interest will be MUEB, medieval English economic history, where you will find editions and studies of studies of the Domesday Book (MUEB DOM). English medieval social history is at MUHB, and includes books on the aristocracy. And don’t forget to look at religious history in the gallery, where along with histories of the English medieval church, you will also find biographies of significant ecclesiastical figures such as Anselm and Lanfranc.

You will find books on the history of Normandy in the French history section at MTD. But there is also a place for the Normans in Europe in the general European medieval history section at MB. MB is also a good place to search for books on general topics such as queenship, feudalism, and chivalry.

Primary sources.

Senate House Library has translated editions of many of the significant chronicles of the Norman period, including several from the Oxford medieval texts series including William of Malmesbury and Orderic Vitalis, which are integrated with the secondary sources.  You may also find useful editions of charters and documents in religious history (the English Episcopal acta series), English local history (MW) and the palaeography collection on the fourth floor.

Journals and E-resources.

Bound copies of the history journals are in the closed stack and have to be requested, but many are also available as e-journals and will be listed on the catalogue with the print copies. You have access to most of the library’s electronic resources from home and all of the resources while here in the library. All you need to do is enter your name and library identification barcode when prompted.

You can access our online databases the same way, either by searching the catalogue or accessing the list of history related databases on the history page of the website.  Some you may find of particular interest are The International medieval bibliography, manuscripts online and the Oxford dictionary of national biography.

When you are searching databases and library catalogues, it might be useful to know the most frequently used controlled vocabulary, or search terms. Several Library of Congress Subject Authorities for your topic are: Norman Conquest, William I 1066-1087, Great Britain History, Norman period.

If you have any questions about the above information, please email me and just identify which King’s course you are taking. Best of luck with your dissertation.

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