Illumination – How the visual captures the imagination

28 Sept – 19 Dec 2015
Admission: Free
Location: Senate House Library

This exhibition explores how technological developments generated new visual forms for artists, from the earliest printed books, sketches and objects. Drawing inspiration from universal themes of the natural and the divine, they then transformed people’s perceptions of art.

This helped to develop our understanding of visual culture — allowing us to see the visual as we have never seen it before.

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Image from Rene Descartes Tractatus De Homine, 1668

from René Descartes Tractatus De Homine et De Formatione Foetus (1668)

Visiting an exhibition

All our exhibitions are free and open to the general public. The exhibition space is located inside the Library. If you are not a member, please visit the Membership desk, 4th floor, Senate House. Lift access is available from the ground floor. Visiting us, and opening hours.

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